Friday, August 29, 2008

losing my home

I don't know what to do anymore. The lady who owner finances to us has stated that she wants us out by the end of next month. She said that once the end of the mont comes she is going to call Children services to let them know that we are homeless.. She is horrible. She just found out she has cancer and she is taking it out on me. She called me all kinds of names and said to get out of her F&*$$#g house. I have nowhere to go. I am going to lose my children. She has been getting her money every month for the last 8 months. She is trying to say it isnt true. I have checks to prove it. I have been trying so hard.It just isnt good enough. I feel like i want to die. Nothing I do seems to be good enough. Child services called me and left a message because she called them to let them know we dont have heat. We have been rearranging things so that we have heat. I just wanted to get on here to let everyone know what is going on. Please pray for my family. I dont usually ask for prayers for myself. But I am falling apart. Right now I feel like I am going to throw up and pass out. I dont know what to do anymore. This lady doesnt know what she is talking about. Yes we have been far behind but like I said , we have been paying full mortgage every month for the last 8 months. I dont have anywhere to go. The people who used to live here who messed me over, called her up and complained about us to her. He also called child services. This is the same guy who i gave a car to and who moved out of the house to live in the woods. The same guy who messed me over with rent. I will try to keep in touch with eveyrone. Right now i just want to go to bed and take my medicine and sleep. Thank you for everything... You all have been wonderful friends.

God Bless..Goodbye friends


luvrte66 said...

Christine, I hope some sleep will help you see things with a clearer eye. If you have the checks to prove that you've paid, she can't do anything to you, and it's August, so it's not like you need heat right now! You're making arrangements so that you do as it gets cooler, so don't let this woman get to you.

Hugs, Beth

lsfp1960 said...

Christine, perhaps Legal Aid in your local community can help you.  How about talking to your pastor to see if there's any help for housing thru your church.  Please start making phone calls and getting something in place, so you can move to a good house with heat and away from the cruel lady that owns the place you're in now.  Linda in Washington state  

helmswondermom said...

You need to contact the local Legal Aid to see if they can help you, and make sure you have all of your canceled checks showing that you've paid on time for the past 8 months.  There may be other organizations that could help as well.  I hope that you can get things worked out.  Please take care.

bojgill4375 said...

My neighbor's daughter works for the county. Lawyer. That must be legal aid everyone is telling you to check with. Call the court house and ask who can help you. Get all your checks and etc. ready to show. Do you have any photos of the people who lived there, any kind of information about them that can show what kind of people they are? Do you know where they can be located?  Try to keep a level head so you can get things done... your children need you right now.  Will keep you in prayer, that is the best thing that I can do. Hugs, Janie

salemslot9 said...

good advice in comments
did she put it in writing?
as far as I know
you have at least 30 days
after they put it in writing
squatters rights, I think
oh, Christine
all I can do is pray...

barbpinion said...

Pray first, honey, and don't give up.  Follow the adve given in comment section about calling the court house or legal aid for advice. You have to be served a 30 day notice before you can be evicted. And if you have checks to prove you've paid, keep them handy. If you've not done it before, start keeping copies of everything and keep everything in one place. It saves your sanity when things like this happen. All of us are praying for you. Please keep in touch so we know what's going on. Big hugs, hon.

pprrrr39 said...

I am so very sorry to hear of all the problems that you are having to endure.
I pray that you will get some relief and get some help
hugs Jayne