Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just a little note to say hello

I have been very busy outside the last couple of days. But I thought that I would just post to say hello to everyone who has been following my journal. I had a very good day today. Good days for me come few and far between lately. I have not been myself since my sister died in october. I know I really need to go on with my life. But it has been such a struggle. Here is a joke that someone sent me that I thought I would share. God Bless everyone.

A contestant on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' had reached the final

If she answered the next question correctly, she would win $1,000,000.
If she answered incorrectly, she would pocket only the $25,000 milestone

And as she suspected it would be, the million-dollar question was no

It was, 'Which of the following species of birds does not build its own
nest but instead lays its eggs in the nests of other birds? Is it:

A) the condor

B) the buzzard

C) the cuckoo

D) the vulture

The woman was on the spot. She did not know the answer. She had used up
her 50/50 Lifeline and her Ask the Audience Lifeline. All that remained
was her Phone-a-Friend Lifeline. She hoped she would not have to use it
because ... Her friend was, well--blond.

But she had no alternative. She called her friend and gave her the
question and the four choices.

The blond responded unhesitatingly: 'That's easy. The answer is C: the

The contestant had to make a decision and make it fast.

She considered employing a reverse strategy and giving Meredith any
answer except the one that her friend had given her. And considering
her friend was a blond that would seem to be the logical thing to do.
But her friend had responded with such confidence, such certitude, that
the contestant could not help but be persuaded.

'I need an answer,' said Meredith.

Crossing her fingers, the contestant said, 'C: The cuckoo.'

'Is that your final answer?'

'Yes, that is my final answer.'

And Meredith replied, 'That answer is. Absolutely correct! You are now
a millionaire!'

Three days later, thecontestant hosted a party for her family and
friends, including the blonde who had helped her win the million dollars.

'Jeni, I just do not know how to thank you,' said the contestant.

'How did you happen to know the right answer?'

'Oh, come on,' said the blonde... 'Everybody knows that cuckoos don't
build nests. They live in clocks.'

Friday, April 25, 2008

Judge Roy Moore


Another thing to share

The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Alabama .  Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer.  He has been stripped of his judgeship and now they are trying to strip his right to practice law in Alabama !  The judge's poem sums it up quite well.

the beautiful,
or so you used to be.
Land of the Pilgrims' pride;
I'm glad they'll never see.

Babies piled in dumpster's,

Abortion on demand,
Oh, sweet land of liberty;
your house is on the sand.

Our children wander aimlessly
poisoned by cocaine
choosing to indulge their lusts,
when God has said abstain

From sea to shining sea,
our Nation turns away
From the teaching of God's love
and a need to always pray.

We've kept God
in our temples,
how callous we have grown.
When earth is but His footstool,
and Heaven is His throne.

We've voted in a government
that's rotting at the core,
Appointing Godless Judges;
who throw reason out the door,

Too soft to place a killer
in a well deserved tomb,
But brave enough to kill a baby

before he leaves the womb.

You think that God's not angry,
that our land's a moral slum?
How much longer will He wait
before His judgment comes?

How are we to face our God,
from Whom we cannot hide?
What then is left for us to do,
but stem this evil tide?

If we who are His children,
will humbly turn and pray;
Seek His holy face
and mend our evil way:

Then God will hear from Heaven;
and forgive us of our sins,

He'll heal our sickly land
and those who live within.

America the Beautiful,
If you don't - then you will see,

A sad but Holy God
withdraw His hand from Thee.

~~Judge Roy Moore~~

An ok day today

Hello all I hope everyone is enjoying the weather outside. I am having a fairly good day today. I dont have any pain which is a big plus. I am going to go out in a minute and take my dogs out for a long walk. Later today when the kids get home I am going to take thhem to the park to run off some energy that they have bult up. lol. This weekend it's going to rain so I am going to get my outside time in now. I hope to talk to everyone soon... God Bless

Here is something that was sent to me so I decided to share it.


Missing Shoe

“For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

This old rhyme carries an important message. As Napoleon is reported to have written, “The outcome of the greatest events is always determined by a trifle.” A bit of falling foam brought down the space shuttle Columbia and a faulty O-ring was the cause of the loss of the Challenger.

Jesus gave great authority to those who learned to be faithful in the little things (Luke 19:17). Paying attention to details is a character trait. Character is that which we habitually do—principles that make us reliable, capable and respected. Let’s watch those trifles—they have a tendency to grow and mount up into problemsshare it.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Sad for no reason

Hello everyone. I dont understand what is going on with me today. I woke up late this morning and started crying. I have been crying off and on all day.I don t even know why I am crying. It is worrying me some.  My husband says that I am not acting like myself. He says I frustrate him. I have been doing my housework in tears today. I guess I really wanted to go outside but my husband wanted me to get some housework done today. Maybe I will be able to get outside tomorrow. I hope that I am at least in a better mood. : (

Friday, April 18, 2008


I had such a BIG scare today!!! I was outside today doing lawn work. My friends/neighbors who share the land with me on a trailer on my property were outside too with their kids. I was busy in my work and stopped for a minute for a drink. My 10 year old daughter asked where her brother was. My littlest was missing. He is 3 years old. My oldest son who is 15 frantically looked all over the woods and the house for him. We could not find him. Panic set in. I started to cry and lose my breath. We searched for him through the whole property. All I could of think about was what if someone stole him, or he was hurt or lost in the woods. We don't really have neighbors except for hunting cabins. There are endless miles of woods behind us and beside us. My daughter was screaming and panicking which made me much more panicky. My brother in law jumped in his car and looked along our dirt road. Everyone went up in the woods. I was about to call the police when my neighbor went in my house and found Daniel in his bed with the blankets over his head. I just burst out in tears and was shaking even after I knew he was found. Losing one of my children is my worst fear!!! I think God for looking after him. I will definitely keep a better eye on him and so will his sister and brother. He scared the living daylights out of me!!! He is safe now and I am thankful. There are so many nuts out there!!! I see so many missing children ads. I just don't want to ever have to go through that and God Bless anyone who is going through it!! I hope everyone enjoys the weather. I know I will. I am so glad winter is over!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

can't wait until May


I wanted to put pictures on here from my CD disk of my family but it wouldnt let me so I have to find someone who knows how to do it to help me.I can put regular picks on from e-mails but not my family pics.  lol I am not good with computer stuff. lol

Anyways, I had a good day today. I planted my flowers today. I only could plant the petunias. I cant wait until May when I can plant my grass seed and my wild flowers. I plant wild flowers on the hill. I have some bare spots that I have to cover up and some more planting to do. We moved the patio from the back door to the front door so it looks alot better. I want to plant roses but I am afraid to. I didnt do well the last time I planted them. I may try again. I made some hanging baskets from scratch from some left over hanging baskets that were laying around. And I planted some flowers in some platers that my sister had laying around. I want to plant tomatoes and sun flowers. I cant do anything up here until May because of the frost. I hope everyone in J-land is doing good. Enjoy the nice weather everyone.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yard work

Things are still the same around here money wise but I got myself out of the house and did alot of yard work. I cleaned up the yard and I am going to build a stone wall at the end of my yard. Instead of my yard going down a hill it will end with a stone wall border. It is taking alot of digging but it keeps my mind off of things. I did alot of raking up of twigs and things. Then I took a long walk with the dogs. I actually looked at all the scenery by my house. We live on the side of a mountain in the middle of the woods. It is pretty up here. There just isnt any jobs around here. But I just cant pick up and move for some reason. I have lived here for many years and I just am so tired of moving around. We will make it somehow I know. I guess i better go for now. I am hoping to have pictures to put on here soon of my family and stuff. I hope everyone is doing well...



Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank you

Hello all.....I am sorry it took so long to post in my journal. I took a few days off to think and try to improve my attitude. I am doing ok. I am going to go see a psychologist for some depression issues. I guess watching my sister die has put more of a toll on my mental health then I thought. There hasnt ben a day gone by that I have not thought about her since her death in october. I really miss her. She was my best friend!! We did everything together. Her death was such a shock. I guess I did know that she wasnt doing well but did not want to accept it. I just didnt think that she would die. It still hurts. I cried the other day. I am so afraid that people around me are going to die. I am over protective of my children and my family members. I am driving them crazy!! I dont mean to.

Thank you all for all the comments. It is comforting to see that there are that many caring people out there. I live a solitary life. I dont have many friends. In fact I dont have any friends. I live in the country so it is hard to even make friends here.  It is hard to fit in. I have very bad social anxiety so that doesnt help either.

I will try to post everyday. (I know I have said that before) I think it is good for me to get my feelings out. I warn everyone sometimes my attitude isnt the greatest from day to day. I just write how I feel. Thank you all for being there for me.