Thursday, April 17, 2008

can't wait until May


I wanted to put pictures on here from my CD disk of my family but it wouldnt let me so I have to find someone who knows how to do it to help me.I can put regular picks on from e-mails but not my family pics.  lol I am not good with computer stuff. lol

Anyways, I had a good day today. I planted my flowers today. I only could plant the petunias. I cant wait until May when I can plant my grass seed and my wild flowers. I plant wild flowers on the hill. I have some bare spots that I have to cover up and some more planting to do. We moved the patio from the back door to the front door so it looks alot better. I want to plant roses but I am afraid to. I didnt do well the last time I planted them. I may try again. I made some hanging baskets from scratch from some left over hanging baskets that were laying around. And I planted some flowers in some platers that my sister had laying around. I want to plant tomatoes and sun flowers. I cant do anything up here until May because of the frost. I hope everyone in J-land is doing good. Enjoy the nice weather everyone.



mariebm56 said...

These beautiful days will help you.  Glad your out in the perfect weather.  We have to wait till May to plant, also.  BUT, I started some seeds in small pots, & am getting a head start.  I'll watch the weather & if I have to, I will cover the pots or bring them in.  My son will help me with preparing the garden, this weekend.  I look forward to that.
Keep yourself busy, things will work out for you!

bojgill4375 said...

I had a rose bush that would not bloom for YEARS!! I put some miricle grow and it bloomed for the first time. So guess that helped. I am running behind in comments so will maybe get caught up sometime. God Bless, Janie

jckfrstross said...

i love roses:)


pamal3 said...

I hope you get the pics and the roses sorted out. Love Pam xx

libragem007 said...

I lOVE Roses...but Roses doesn't love me *grin*
I tried to grow them, I had about 10 varieties, every single one was mold/bug infested I couldn't stand it..I had to get rid of them. I found they're hard to take care of, lots of work, but I still love them. I have not quit on them yet. :-)

Petunia! oh, the easiest annual to plant even from seeds! last year, I scattered them around my tree, on baskets and tall pots...they came out and bloomed until fall..they were breathtaking around summertime as they love sun and don't mind to be on the dry side (soil) so easy! I got two packet seeds of them....working some space in my backyard to put them, or I may scattered them, again around the front tree.

Enjoy yours,
Gem :-)

csandhollow said...

To add pictures to this just click the add album or picture at the top then locate on your computer where the pictures are. What kind of cd is it? It may be allow you to do it from that because of it being protected or something. I might be able to heklp you.