Saturday, July 5, 2008

a slow but nice day so far

I decided last night that today I was going to have a nice day no matter what. I got up this morning and started to cut up fruit for my fruit salad. I cut up strawberries, canalope, and bananas. I am also baking a angel food cake to compliment the fruit. I am making a salad with lettuce, carrots, beans, cucumber, and radishes. I am going to make hamburgers and hot dogs tonight for supper. I am not much of a cook but I am going to try.

I had a rough night last night. My body hurt all over so bad and I had problems breathing. I think part of it was my fibromalgia but I dont know. I am tired of going to the doctor because they really dont do anything for me at all. It just gets frustrating.

The black and white cat that I took in left sometime last night. I guess he just wanted some food and some attention. I am worried about him but maybe he will come back. I cant help all the animals but I can try.

My brother in law moved back into the trailor next door where the free loaders were staying. He is so unhappy. I know that he misses my sister as do I. I know it is hard for him to live in the trailor where they spent three years in together. I really wish that he would move on and try to be happy somewhere else. Not for my sake but for his. He is a big help financially with the bills here. But I dont want him to stick around because of that. I think he feels is has an obligation to stay here and help us because of being family. I dont want him to feel that way.If he wants to stay then I really hope he does. I just dont want him to be unhappy. I want him to eventually find someone and have a life. He is a great guy and deserves to be happy. He stuck by my sister when she ws very sick. At the end she was very grouchy and yelled alot. She was beginginng to get abusive at the end. He did the right thing and stuck by her. Trust me it was not easy.

I am going to go and finish my baking. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Stay safe everyone!!


luvrte66 said...

I hope you have a great day, Christine!

Hugs, Beth

mereel2005 said...

First, thanks for stopping by my joural.
I hope your brother-in-law does find someone. He sounds like a great guy. I have a friend who's wedding I'm preparing for. He too lost his wife and G-d send a wonderful woman to share his life with him.
I pray the same for your brothee-in-law.
And I hope you feel better.

dbdacoba said...

Good to hear that your bronther-in-law is there and helping you.  Maybe he needs more time to get adjusted and get over the loss.  It's probably not a bad idea that he's in the trailer.  Better for him to face his sorrow than to try to ignore it.  D

bojgill4375 said...

Wow! You are making me hungry! lol Sounds like you had a great dinner. You really didn't need another cat. Maybe he is use to being in the wild. Hugs, Janie

pprrrr39 said...

Well i am wayyyyyyy behind................ but that sure sounds mouth watering to me.......... think i need to go and grab something to eat

I know how you feel when it comes to taking in animals......i took in my next door neighbours cat years ago as it was left out in all weathers, snow, rain etc it was quite heartbreaking, in the end she came and lived me with for around 15 years God Bless her.
I hope that you are feeling  better
Take care
hugs Jayne