Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stressful day shopping


Thank you Terry for the

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I went out grocery shopping today. The stores were packed. I had panic attack after panic attack. People just stand in the middle of the isles just doing nothing. Then there are the people who are right behind me huffing and puffing because i am looking at something for a minute. People were just rude. Even though it was busy I still found  the time to be polite and smile. Why cant other people do the same thing?? It was insane!! The shelves were empty. All the cheaper meat was just about gone. I have never had a problem like that before at least not to this extent. I felt like people were crawling up  my butt. It was awful.

I had another wanderer come to my house today. My daughter kept saying that she saw a black and white cat hanging around  the house the last few days. I should have believed her but sometimes she had a very vivid imagination. I just told her ok and to leave him alone. Well today the cat found a way into our house. He is very skinny. I showed him the food and he went crazy eating it. Being that there isn't any house around here for miles who even has a cat, I think he is probably another dump off. I called the ASPCA and they said they were full and could not take him even though he is a stray .I don't have the heart to just turn him away  So I am stuck with him. He will be cat number 5. I really don't have the money to care for him right now with vet care and such. But he would be no better out in the woods scrounging for food. He is very scared. I feel so sorry for him. I cant imagine my family throwing me into the streets. There are coyotes here that love cats for dinner. It's a shame. I will put an ad up in the stores around here saying that I found him but I wont hold my breath.

 My adopted niece is doing very well. I don't really know much of what is going on because her mother is at the hospital with her night and day. I talked briefly with her father and he said she was fine. Thank you for all your prayers.

I am going to close my journal for the night. I am so tired from grocery shopping today. I plan to lay down and watch TV. I hope to write more tomorrow.

God Bless the troops


csandhollow said...

I am finally starting to get over my panic attacks in crowded stores. Slowly I have learned to laugh at them.

luvrte66 said...

I was out shopping yesterday, and it WAS crazy! No excuse for those people being rude, though.

Have a great holiday,

domsmom27 said...

Thank you for taking in the little cat.  Too sad that there are people that dump animals.  I hope he is not too much of a bother.  i know it can get expensive.   Marlene

bojgill4375 said...

Terry Ann does not like to be around people either. People sure can be rude. Ignore them because they are not too smart. Another thing you don't know who has been up their butt lately either. lol Sometimes the local papers will put an ad in the paper free for free animal. He is a Tuxedo cat.. some people like them. lol Hope you had a good 4th. Hugs, Janie

pprrrr39 said...

I am so proud of you as i know what you are going through in the stores. I cannot go out to the shop on my own have to have one of the kids with me and then i want to get in and out as fast as possible.

Awwwwwwww bless you for taking in the cat. I would have done the same, i had 7 at one stage, now i have only 2. I hope that someone may rescue him, if not he/she will have a wonderful life with someone as caring as you.
Glad to hear your niece is doing ok
hugs Jayne

salemslot9 said...

does kitty have a name, yet?