Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A proud moment

I went to the high school this afternoon for a meeting for my son's IEP. My son has always been in special education classed since he was in elementary school. He is now in 9th grade. He has worked very hard to get to where he is now. They are taking him out of special education and putting him in regular classes. My son has AD/HD. He used to take meds for it but now he has learned how to handle it without meds. I am so very proud. The teachers had nthing bad to say about him. They said he was a joy to have in class. I know that it is his big accomplishment but I cant help feel that it is my big accomplishment as well. I am so proud of him.

I know I have shared this before but here is a pick of my son.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will keep everyone in my prayers.


manda2177 said...

That is just wonderful Christine!  You must be doing something really special... giving your children all your love and time.  It makes such a difference!  You are SO valuable to them!!  You are needed and appreciated and wanted.

I am so proud of you and your family!

God Bless-

ljat1 said...

How wonderful for you and your son.  No wonder you're so proud!  Just remember, he might not have been able to accomplish all this without you!  Blessings, Linda  

bojgill4375 said...

Oh that is just wonderful. I am sure that you are very proud of him. Glad that he did it and don't have to take medicine any longer! Give him a big hug from all of us. God Bless, Janie