Friday, October 19, 2007

Still struggling but I am in a better mood

I still have not figured out my car problem. But my mother said she would try and lend me some money. I am trying to keep a cool mind about this and trust in the Lord that he will get me through it. Life can be hard that is for sure. Everything else is going ok. The kids are all doing well and they are healthy. That is what really matters to me. We are busy getting their costumes ready for Halloween. My son is going to dress up like a little devil and my daughter is going to be a fairy. I will share pictures after Halloween. My sister is still not able to use her right leg. She is still pretty much confined into the wheel chair. She is getting very frustrated that she wont be able to walk again. I told her that she will and that she will have to be patient. I have rented a movie tonight and I am going to take a hot bath and relax and watch the movie. At least I am going to try and relax.



bojgill4375 said...

Yes, these car problems are something else! No one in my family can fix them except my oldest son and he works 2 full time jobs! Anything is possible with God, so pray that she can walk again, but like you say.. will take time. Glad that the kids are healthy and doing good. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless, Janie

lucille4364 said...

Hey Christine, it is so good to hear a little more poitive  things comming out of your Journal.  We better get some pictures of your kids in their costumes.

manda2177 said...

Keep up that faith Christine!  You can do ANYTHING with the Lords help...and believe me, He IS helping!  Things could be so much worse.  Just trust in Him and pray.  Pray all the time!  You can never fully appreciate the POWER and PURPOPSE of prayer.  Pray for anyone and everyone and yourself and your children.  No one will ever pray as much for her children as a mother.  This is our responsibility!  Pray your children know the Lord and that they meet spouses who love the Lord and that they meet every challenge with the Lord as their guide.

God BLess-

jhorky said...

That pic was of Spunky right after we got him.  He will never be slim like that again.