Sunday, November 4, 2007

going to church again tonight

I just wanted to comment on my last entry. I wasnt implying that anyone was going to judge me. I just had an experience downstate that made me think like that. The friend that I was staying with, I had basically given her the trailor she is in now and a car. My husband abandoned the trailor after i left and i had nothing else to do with it. Now she is living good with all kinds of stuff like the new Wii game and a satelite radio. She spends more money then anyone I have ever seen. I just thought that the least they could do for me is let me stay there when I needed a place to stay. They said I could but only gave me 2 months to find a new place. That doesnt give me enough to time to find a job and build up money to move. I shouldnt feel that way. I dont expect anything in return for an act of kindness.


bojgill4375 said...

Let God handle it. If it is meant for you to stay there... then there will not be anywhere else to go... look at it that way for now. She has given you 2 months... be assured of that. Know that if things are bad you can stay with her for 2 months. Then don't worry until time draws near. Loving you, Janie

lucille4364 said...

Christine, I see a little of me in you at one time in my life when my kids were little and I was divorced.  No one will ever know how I cried and struggled and went from one place to another to get help.  My kid didn't have a rich grandma and grandpa, nor were any of my family well to do.  I know how you feel, watching yuor friend with all the luxuries you can not have.  I am Not telling you what to do, no more advice but if it were me in your shoes I would never go stay with that friend. If you move in with her I gaurantee you there is a bigger possibiolity of you losing your kids than there is now.  You can get help there if you just jump in there and go everywhere. you can think of.  As far as not knowing any one  once you got in the little town you would have friends.  If you allowed yourself you would be suprised at how quickly you would make friends.  Chalk the fact that you gave a friend a trailer and car as a huge mistake.  You are a big hearted person and you give, thinking people will repay you at least by being there for you when you need them.  It is, in my estimation, a big mistake to move 5 hours away from your husbands job, at least is stable.  You have said yourself the cost of living is very high there.  I have said what I think could happen, and I will almost gaurantee you, there will be a huge break between your friend and you if you move in with her.  Get out there and work that little town like there is no tomorrow.  I will let Janie and Manda do the christian part of this and I will get down to the dirty, nity grity part of it.  No. 1  It is to soon to make a big move like that so soon after the trauma you have been through,  No 2.  Your husband has a job.  That is security. N0 3 there is help there and you can find it.  You must stop being afraid of what could happen.  Then if you still, later want to move upstate, plan and save for it

bojgill4375 said...

I pretty much agree with Lucille. Try very hard to find something there where you are. Go to Salvation Army there, talk to minister, ask around. Someone may have an empty house for you to stay in for 6 months. Check in to HUD housing. Try to get modavatied and do these things because time goes by in a hurry. Prayers going up for you now, God Bless, Janie