Monday, March 31, 2008

awful news

Hello all..I wish I had better news ro tell everyone but I have hit rock bottom. I am sorry that I have not been online lately. I have been packing my house. My husband and I are going our seperate ways.. My husband lost his job and no longer can collect unemplayment due to an error from the company he worked from. He is moving to his mother's with my youngest son.. The stipulation from his mother was however that I did not speak to either one of them pretty much ever again. I am not allowed to call and I am not allowed to write. My son loves his daddy and I could not seperate them. I guess sometimes you have to do what is best for the child then what is best for yourself. My two older children and I are going to a shelter downstate about 5 hours from here. I will be about 3 hours away from my husband. I am however filing for a divorce being that it will be easier for me to find help being a single mom. I am praying that the children and youth dont take my children because of living in a shelter with them. My parents refuse to let me stay with them for the 18 months until I can get into the low income housing. I guess maybe I will see. I have lost faith in God. I trusted him and he has seperated my family and has broken my heart. I can only take with me what I can fit in the trunk of my car and that really isnt much at all. Juts clothes pretty much. The people we had staying here turned out to be more of a burden than what i though. They ate our food , used our electric and baths, used our laundry machine. They had a roof over thier heads and only gave me 450 a month to live here. That included phone, electric, and everytihng esle they needed. They took advavtage of me and I wll never trust another human being again. I barely even want to live but i trudge on. I cried in the bathtub for hours this morning. Thank you all for being there for me. I am leaving over the weekend so I might not be on very much. The computer belongs to my husband and I will have to go to thge library when I get settled to keep in touch. I will keep everyone in my prayers. Love ya




slapinions said...

Wow, what awful news. Stay strong, and we'll keep you in our prayers


buggieboo1 said...

I am so sorry you are going through this!
I don't understand why your MIL would not allow you to speak to your son! and she can't do that! you can take your son with you , he can still love his dad and his dad can still get to see him!
If my EX MIL told me this I would tell her BITE ME!!!
Everything in that hose is 50% yours , don't let him get evrything!


ceilisundancer said...


I am a single mom, also, just not quite in the same fashion.  You're going through a scary part of your life.  You ahve so much going on -- but in time, you WILL get this worked out.  While your youngest son may do best with his dad, know that you have legal rights to contact with your son, and even visitation I'm sure.  Please also contact a family law lawyer about all of this.  What state are you in?  Is the financial stress the only real reason to separate from your husband and file for divorce?  Will your oldest be able to stay in school, etc.?  Anyway, it WILL work out, it WILL work out.  God be with you all-- He has not abandoned you, and I pray He sends a lot of angels your way to help you.   If this is rock bottom, you can only go up, right?  Just admittedly, may take a bit.  -- Robin

bojgill4375 said...

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say Christine, but please know that you are all in my prayers. Love, Janie

lv2trnscrb said...

Christine; I am so sorry; I can't imagine the cruelty of the people around you and why they would be treating you so bad; I can't imagine a MIL getting in the way of a marriage and forbidding you from talking to your husband/son. I'm so sorry, Christine. I do not know why the Lord is allowing this in your life, it is hard to trust in Him, I know. Like Janie said, sometimes it is hard to find words to say, but I'll keep you in my prayers. I am so sorry; do find a way to keep in touch, we will be worried about you and thinking about you


mariebm56 said...

Do not let your MIL keep you from your son.  Your son will always love his father, that will never change.  You must stay in contact with your son & if she does not allow that, then take him with you.  Your MIL is not playing with a full deck, she is not putting her grandchild's needs first.  ALL children need their mother.  Your MIL should not have control over your child & his life.
Whether you are married or divorce, a child needs BOTH parents.

mjgm1954 said...

Christine if you loose faith in God you loose evrything.! You know better! Who  brought you through everything you have survived?
I feel sorry for you husband. His life is going to be hell on earht living with that woman. Do not let her have your son!  Why do you think your son needs his dad more than you? He will have to work eventually and that leaves you know who to raise your son!  She did not do such a good job raising your husband if you ask me. I think you have lost faith in yourself. Dont worry about loosing your childrem . when i divorced in  newmexico my ex tried to prove me unfit just to get out of child support. He had a jag lawyer and all kindsof witnesses I had  lawer that was working on a high profile murder case. I did my own footwork  i made my own case. New mexico is a state that will take kids from a mother in a heartbeat but I won! I have been in a shelter. Just take one day at a time and trust God! Really you will get more support and help from the state if you have a baby with you. I gave you my phone number and you kept saying you were too shy to call me. Christine you know I was a counselor at a womens shelter. I offered you my help. I offered to pray with you, But you have got to take the first step. Nobody is going to swoop down and rescue you. I can do all things through christ who strengthens me and so can you! I did not offer my help just to be cute! I have walked in your shoes, now all I can do is pray , pray , pray that you find strength in Jesus!  june

wumzels2 said...

i just found your journal and wanted to try to get through to you before you "give up".  i have hit rock bottom myself, and i questioned God.  i blamed everyone around me for my woes, as well as God.  but now that my life is changing for the better, i look back and realize that God wasn't punishing me.  He was carrying me through the hard times.  He was allowing things to happen to me to make me stronger.  don't give up on God.  and don't give up on yourself.  you are one of God's children, and are truly worthy of a good life.  it will be there, just in God's own plan, not yours.  i am truly sorry for all that you are going through, and though i don't know you, i do know you need some friends right now.  so consider me an online friend, and know that you are prayed for daily.

blessings to you,


geocachelinda66 said...

I am so sorry with your troubles.  I have been in your shoes.  I left with just what I could pack in a car a year and a half ago and stayed in a shelter.  They did not take my kids away.  That Mother in law cannot keep you from seeing your son, you have rights.  Go to court for visitation.  If you have any questions please e-mail me, I may be able to help you.  Linda

jswbabymamafairy said...

There is hope beyond you please believe me. I may not know much about certain things but I would like to be of help. If you would like to talk to someone please email me or im me at jswbabymamafairy. That is my aim and aol address. My name is Jessica for any refferenace.  

Please feel free to email me if i am not online. sometimes I am not signed into aol but am on the internet.

Much love, Jessica

moodymyke7 said...

Christine, you do not know me but we must meet with e-mails and become friends.  You love dogs and cats.  Me to.  I burn cinnamon candles and love the taste and smell of cinnamon..  I know you like cinnamon to.  The beautiful rose is my most favorite flower.  You like yellow and I like red.  I like the color blue.
I love country music so much and alot of the old ones to.  Some of my best friends are internet friends.  And I also walk in the grass and the dirt and the horse stables in my barefeet.  I know you walk in the sand and grass barefooted.
You sound like a strong person and there will be better days ahead.  I know it is hard now but just keep tough.  You need to get your boy away from MIL.  You can do it.  Do you know that I need you right now to be my friend because we are alike and I think we can help each other.  Hang in there girl.

Myke      (boys name I know but I am woman)

nelishianatl said...

I have been there too but if you leave your baby and take the others with you, things will never be the same between you and that child.  YOU are the mother not anyone else.  Fight for him and they can all take a hike.  Never give up your baby to anyone.  Don't give up your child.  You'll regret it and the child needs a mother more than a father if you're the primary caretaker.  Just take the babies and go safely. Do not let these people manipulate you out of the child you brought into this world.  Prayers go with you.