Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My dog

My husband took the bait last night. He answered the e-mail that I sent him. I asked him this morning if he talked to anyone through the e-mail. The was a blatant lie!!! I can't believe him!!! He complained that we have nothing in common. I am so hurt about this. I E-mailed back and asked for a meeting. If he says yes then I am so through with this. He has a history of online cheating. He promised not to do it again. I cant believe this. I guess time will tell what he says.
I am praying that he does the right thing. :'(
I have decided to keep my dog. I will just have to find a house suitable for him to live in. I dont feel I could handle seeing him go right now. He is so precious to me. I have been very fickle about whether or not to find him a home. I dont know how well he will do in town but i am willing to try. My husband really doesnt like him much but given the circumstances between me and my husband I dont think I care. I have been cheated on before. I hope that I dont have ot go through this again.

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bojgill4375 said...

I am glad that you are keeping your dog. All you will need is a fenced yard that he can not jump. If  I moved to town I would have to find a house suitable for my dogs. They stay in most of the time anyway. They are good protection. I hope that your husband makes the right choice. I have been married 31 years and could never prove but once that my husband was having an affair. I had to ask myself, "Am I better off with him, or better off without him?" There just seems to be too many of this kind of men in the world! In my prayers, Janie