Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Bunny is co cute

The one bunny that I took in for my friend is so adorable. I will have to take a picture of her. She has long gray hair. She is just beautiful. She is so attentive to things that go on around her. The other bunny just sits there and eats and hides. She puts her feet on the side of the cage wanting someone to come and talk to her. She lets you pick her up and even cuddle with her. She is a very calm bunny. I look over several times and she is staring at me trying to see what I am doing. She is so funny. She has put a much needed smile on my face today. They are really no problem to care for so I think I am going to permently keep them. The other bunny is scared and very jittery but I think she will calm down eventually. I would find a home for the one but then they would miss each other.

Everything went ok today. Nothing terrible happened or anything. I woke up early this morning and did the dreaded grocery shopping. I usually like to shop but this morning for some reason I didn't want to go. But I did ok. I tried to get more healthy foods this time. I cut out the "bad for you" snacks out all together and bought more veggies and fruit. I really need to lose alot of weight. I find it hard to lose weight. I am not very good at dieting. I find myself cheating frequently. I need to lose about 135 pounds. I weigh about 284 and I am about 5'7" tall. I know if I lose the weight I will feel alot better but sometimes I just cant stop eating. I used to be really thin when I was younger but after I had my second child, I just didn't lose the weight. I have been heavy since then. i hate the way I look but mostly I just hate the way I feel all the time. I am going to try harder to follow a good eating habit.

Sorry if there are any typos. My cat decided that now is the time to sit on me while I am trying to type. He never wants to sit with me when I am not doing anything. It is always when I am doing something. He is just too cute for me to make him get down . lol So I just try to type around him. lol...I will have to share some pics when I get some put on the computer. I have discs of pictures but I can never find the time to load them on here. Well i think I am going to go try to lay down and sleep. I usually wait up for my husband to get home but I am just way too tired tonight. I hope everyone is well..Take care


bojgill4375 said...

The little bunny sounds so cute. I love all animals. She sounds like she is smart. I bet she learned how to get the most attention. Maybe the other one will calm down soon. My mamma cat was a stray and she hid her kittens. For a long time they were wild, but now they almost trip me wanting attention. lol I was never really a cat person until I had to help feed these. It was a long time getting them gentle but they love to be petted not. All 3 of them have not gotten use to being picked up yet. They will jump in our lap on their own. lol Have a wonderful Friday, blessings, Janie

jhorky said...

Hey Christine, you have new pets!!!  Super.  I just went to the dentist and had my bottom denture adjusted and then went to the pet store to get a new collar for spunky.  They had 4 cats for adoption.  I feel so sorry for them but cats and Spunky do not get along.  I want to thank you for your very nice comments on my Journal encouraging me that I had done nothing wrong.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart..  Lucille

jhorky said...

Hi Christine, was so glad to see your comment.  How are you and the bunnies doing?  I hope you have a great day and feel good all day.  Lucille

jhorky said...

I really don't know why people  who you think are close to you choose to just cast you aside like an old  shoe, as My mother used to say.