Saturday, September 8, 2007

very tired but not a bad day

Hello everyone.... i washed my new bunny and brushed her out real good. She is just a doll baby. I am so glad that I decided to take her in. This is what my bunny looks like. The other bunny isnt as friendly but i have been working on her. I was reluctant to take her in when my friend couldnt keep her anymore. Now I am glad that I did. I think she is a permanant part of our family.

I didnt get much sleep last night. I might have gotten three hours tops. My husband works second shift most of the time but today he worked 6am-2pm. He worked last night 3pm-11pm..I wait up for him to get home from worj and by the time we went to bed we didnt get much sleep at all. I am exhausted. I had to get up early and take my dog "Bear" to the vetenarian. He has a very bad ear infection. The vet gave him ear drops and some anitbiotics. I felt so sorry for him last night. He was whining and crying all night. I gave him an aspirin but that was the best i could do for him. Today he seems to feel alot better. He is prone to skin irritations so summer really isnt the best seasonf ro him. I cant wait until winter. He will do better when it is cold out.

Not much else has been going on. My sister is over making tacos tonight for dinner. She is the cook of the family. I cant cook at all. My husband says I can but I really dont know how to make much. I make a good meat loaf, cumcumber salad, and I make killer deviled eggs (so I have heard). Maet loaf night my family cant get enough of it. They all love it. Especailly what my family calls the pan crispies. lol... I am going to go lay down before dinner. I hope everyone is doing good


bojgill4375 said...

Oh! That is to cute! So cute! She looks like a little Pom. Those are the kind of hours my ex use to work! ugh! So sorry about your dog. Poor puppy! Hope you get some much needed rest. Have a wonderful Sunday. God Bless, Janie

jhorky said...

That bunny is so cute.  I can not imagine a rabbit letting you give her a bath.