Thursday, September 27, 2007

things a little better

Last night was horrible. My sister called a hundred times until about 1 am. She was yelling at me and just being plain mean. Everytime I got off the phone with her, I would just start crying. I didnt know what to do. I cant make it better. I am doing what I can for her. I sat in the hospital yesterday all day . I have not seen my husband more than a passing glance for the last couple of days. I havent even seen my children much.

I went to see her today. She was doing somewhat better. Her mood was better and she was not as depressed. I kow she is scared and I am scared for her too. I am hurting right now too. Thank you for all your prayers. I will keep everyone posted.



jhorky said...

Oh Christine, my alerts have been so messed up I didn't know she was in the hospital.  I am so very sorry.  You are in a fragile state right now yourself.  You must take care of yourself.  She is getting good care in the hospital and you can not do more.  You have a husband and kids to take care of.  You must not let her tear you down.  You take care of you!!  Lucille

ljat1 said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are so difficult right now.  Since I don't know anything about you or your sister, maybe it's just the medicine and being scared making her act toward you the way she does.  Just remember you must take care of you and yours first -- especially you!  My prayers go out to you.  God Bless, Linda  

bojgill4375 said...

You need to worry about you, children, and hubby too. Just put a deaf ear to what she is saying. Don't take it to heart. As long as you know the things that she is saying is not true.. don't worry about it. I agee that it might be her medication that is making her do that. Keeping all of you in my prayers, Janie