Friday, September 21, 2007

Less stress

Well the medicine the doctor gave me is working but it is giving me chest pains. Go figure. I am going to call the doctor on monday and see what she says about it. I have been feeling calmer than i usually do. My husband is working his last 12 hour night tonight. Thank goodness!! I miss him so much and cant wait to spend more time with him. He is definitely the love of my life even though there are times when we argue and try to avoid each other.

I finally found a home for one of my dogs. He was too much for me given what is going on right now in my house. He was a very destructive little puppy. I say puppy but he was 2 years old. He went to a lady who actually bought his brother the same time we got him. His brother does the same thing so I am confident that she can handle him just fine. I think the turning point for me deciding that finding a home for him was a good thing was when I came home from taking my son to football. He tore up the crate that he was in and got out and tore up some of my things. Right now is not a good time for me to deal with that. So I made the hard decision to say goodbye. You have to understand that i loved that dog so much that I had pictures of him on my wall just like I do my children. He was very special to me but my kids have to come first and my health and my stress level could not handle that very well. If anyone wants to adopt a dog, I would suggest that they do not adopt a American Bulldog because they are horrible at destroying things.

Tomorrow I am going to do some relaxing. I don't do much housework on the weekends because the kids are here to mess it up right after I clean it. They are like little tornadoes messing up everything in their path. lol Well speaking of my little tornadoes, I have to go and make supper.


jhorky said...

I loved your entry  Christine.  It sounds like you are making hard decsions but you know they are needed to be made.  I know you love the dog you found a new home for, and it hurt to see him go, but you also  know it is for the best.  You just hang in there and you will be ok.  Lucille

ljat1 said...

I pray for you that your chest pains are nothing but just some tension from your stress that will ease up as your stress eases.  Glad to hear that your husband's long work nights are ending.  That will be great.  Remember, everyone has differences.  You can't bring two distinct personalities together and always be in harmony.  Just don't let anger take charge.  
I'm sorry you had to part with one of your little puppy dogs.  But I'm glad that you were able to get him a good home -- and with a companion.  Dogs take a lot of initial training or they're a BIG handful.  I have three dogs now that I didn't spend enough time training!  I have a Maltese, Boston Terrier and Poodle.  The Poodle is the best behaved of the bunch.  He just has a  bark that can shatter eardrums!  
I hope you're having a good weekend.  Blessings to you.  Linda

bojgill4375 said...

I hope that your doctor can give you something different. My daughter took one... I think it was that Viox the one with the law suit. Checked my old refills and I had taken it too without even realizing it. Answered prayers for your husband being home again, that is great! Yes, you had to think of your family first. Good choice. Blessings, Janie

manda2177 said...

I am praying for good health for you.  I am praying that you get the quality time with your husband that you desire!!!

God Bless you Christine!