Thursday, December 11, 2008

another day another trouble

I wish that I could write positive things but i dont have anything positive to say today. I am going to lose my home. She has finally filed papers. I have nowhere to go and I am going to lose my children. They are my life. The thought of them being in foster care scares me. They would be so frightened. We are all so close. This has been a nightmare!! I dont know how to handle it anymore. I feel so alone. I am so scared!! I dont think that this is going to end well despite all my efforts. I feel like giving up. I have been such a fighter but i think my fight is gone. I cant express how frightening this is. I know that not many people read my journal anymore. I wouldnt want to read it either. Most of the time it is full of negativity. I wasnt like that always. This just started when my sister passed on a year ago. It has been nothing but trouble ever since then. I wish she was here. She was my rock. I dont know how long i can hang on. If I lose my house and it cause me to lose my children, I dont think I can keep living. How do I acheive a positive attutude amist all this chaos? Thank you all for listening and hanging in there with me and my depressing posts.


Linda's World said...

Christine, please try & contact Legal Aid, The Salvation Army, someone who can help you. Just because you may loose your house doesn't mean you have to loose your children. Maybe you & your hubby should look for an apartment and just move out of that place. I know you have money invested there,but if it comes down to her evicting would be better if you had a place to go to as a family. Later after you're settled elsewhere, perhaps maybe yo can sue her to reclaim some of your investment. Linda in Washington

Nancy said...

Christine I agree with Linda, make some phone calls. You dont have to lose your kids, just pack up and move. What do the papers say, how much time do you have before you have to move (or has she just SAID she filed papers??? She has to give you some kind of notice. Call Legal aid right now.)
Do not make the mistake of not fighting for your rights, and keeping your kids with you. Forget that stupid house that has caused you nothing but drama and trouble. Just let it GO. You cannot move forward holding on to the past, you cant.

Beth said...

Linda and Nancy are right on. Do not stop fighting!