Monday, December 29, 2008

Long time no write

It has been awhile since i sat down to type in my journal. The medicne the doctor put me on makes it very hard to concentrate.I am going to tell the doctor because i like to write in my journal as well as read. It has been hard to do either. I have been hanging in there. My Christmas was ok. I have been going through alot of side affects from the medicine. I have had mood swings and jerky muscles. I spent a quiet Christmas at home just with the kids and husband. It was very nice. This will be the first Christmas ever that I have spent at home.
My mother came up the day after. We actually had a good time. We did not fight at all. We went shopping and out to eat.
I did have some bad news though. I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I dont know sure what this means for me but it doesnt sound good. he doctor didnt have a very serious conversation with me. I thought I should have been referred to a specialist. That is just me. Just one more thing to worry about.
Well i finished my GED test . Now I have to wait for the results. I dont think I did very well in math because if my meds. I will just have to see.
I hope everyone has a very happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrisitne,
well an enlarged heart means your heart is overworked. Did they put you on ace inhibitors or beta blockers? You CAN reverse this condition! But it means you have to work HARD at getting healthy.
But you cant even begin to work out unless your blood pressure is stable and you have a heart monitor etc. You SHOULD be seeing a specialist, so you can safely work on this, I'm shocked they didnt refer you to one! You need a cardiologist ASAP!

Janie said...

I am not medically smart about the heart. I will be keeping you and family in my prayers. So glad that you and your mother had a good time. That was a blessing. Love, hugs, and prayers, Janie