Sunday, August 26, 2007

5 things to be thankful for

I had a good weekend even though my car is having some issues. It keeps shutting itself down. My brother in law thinks it is the computer. I can deal with that if that is the worst it is. I am keeping calm. I had a hard time falling asleep last night but I stay up alot at night worrying. I wish I could kick that habit. Anyways...
I know I mentioned it before but my friend had told me to write down every morning five things that I am thankful for. She said I should do it the first thing when I get up. I decided to share my five things in my journal.
1) My children...some woman cant have children. I feel lucky that I am blessed with so wonderful, caring ,healthy, and loving children.
2) my husband..not everyone finds the love of thier life. I was married three times prior to this to abusive men. I finally found a wonderful and loving man. If there was such thing as soul mates, he would be mine.
3) My dogs and cats... They love me no matter what mood I am in. They listen to me when I need a friend to talk to. I hope no one thinks I am crazy but somtimes I think they actually listen to me. They are wonderful companions.
4) my house...even though it is falling apart. Some people dont even have a roof over thier heads. I am thankful for that.
5) my husband's job... people in this area struggle for jobs. We are thankful that he has one even if it is small.
6) my sister and brother in law...they are always there for me and love me no matter how loopy I get lol. I love them both dearly.
Well I realized that I could go on and on. God has blessed me. I still want to provide my family a better place to live but I am trying to be thankful for what I have. I need to learn patience. lol (which is something I am not good at)
Tomorrow I am dropping my cat off to get fixed. The vet is helping with costs. He is a wonderful Vetenarian. He is one of the few who are still in it for the animals and not the money. He is great with them and sometimes recomends home remedies for some sickness. It works most of the time. He is an old fashioned Vet. We will miss him when he retires. My cat had to get fixed..He decided to grow up and start marking his territory. Although it doesnt smell too bad righ tnow because he is little, it will get worse. We are nipping it at the bud so to speak.
I have to go now and get the kids bathed and ready for thier first day of school tomorrow. Thank you everyone for listening. God Bless everyone.


manda2177 said...

What a beautiful picture!  You are both such pretty ladies... with such endearing smiles!

Glad to put a face to the words....

God bless you dear-

bojgill4375 said...

Oh! I do that at times and it is always when I am really tired! lol Well... I must be crazy too because my dogs always listen to me! lol You are very lucky to have a sister. I do not have any brothers or sisters. Sounds like you have a wonderful vet. Thank you for sharing the picture. Nice looking ladies with great smiles. Is the one on the left you or your sister? Hope you have a great week and keeping you in my prayers. Give the kids a hug for me! Prayers, Janie