Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yard sale shopping

I had a great day today. My sister and I went out yard sale shopping to find things that we need. I found a couple pairs of pants for my son real cheap. I also found a couple of lamps that we needed. We also found a stand that was giving away free produce that they couldnt use. We ended up getting some green beans and some squash. Yellow squash is my one of my favorite vegetables. I love boiled squash. She took me out to dinner afterwards. We had a real good time. The only child we had was my youngest son.
The school football coach took my son and a couple of other kids out and bought them all a pair of cleats. He is a great guy and a big help. Football cleats can be as pricey as 75.00 dollars a pair. He has always been such a good coach and friend to his team members. He is a great guy. He is old enough to retire but he keeps on going.

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bojgill4375 said...

Wow! Glad you found your son some pants, lamps, and wow free produce! That was sure nice of them. Oh that was really nice of the coach to buy them some cleats. Some people are really nice and caring. Well, it sounds like you had a wonderful time going out with your sister. That is great, happy for you. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday with many blessings, Janie