Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My husband is a blessing

I was up until 5 am last night in stomach pain. I am still in pain today. I have been through this before and it does go away after awhile. I have always had a very sensitive stomach. I am on prevacid so that should help a bit. It just gets annoying when I have kids and animals to take care of and I feel so sick. I am going to get a hot bath before my husband goes to work. He had to take off work on monday because I was in so much pain. I felt bad because we needed the money but I couldnt really do much.


The little picture is of me and my husband. The bigger picture is a picture of my husband and our dog.

My husband is such a great guy. He takes care of me when I am sick and he deals with my attitude that I sometimes get when I am in pain. I dont know what I would do without him. He is defenetly one of God's blessings to me. I have had bad experiences with men in the past. He is the first guy that I have known who has treated me with respect and love. He always put me before himself. For the first time ever, I think that I have found someone who truly loves me.

Well I guess I will go take that hot bath now. Hopefully it will help me relax. I know that most of my physical problems have to do with stress and depression. I am sure I will write more later.


bojgill4375 said...

I am so glad to see your picture. You remind me of my mother when she was young. Love your smile... shows you are a nice person. I am so glad that you have a wonderful husband. That is really a blessing. I will say a prayer for your stomach. Hope your day goes really good and you feel much better. Blessings & prayers, Janie

jhorky said...

I decided to look more into your journal and I hope you don't mind.  We do have more than a child that does not keep in touch in common.  I to have a very sensetive stomach.  I to am a dog lover.  I have a good husband also.  I appreciate him more  than I let any one know.  I hope you visit me again.  Love the company.

jhorky said...

By the way Jhorky is really Lucy or Lucille, I answer to both.

barbpinion said...

Hi, Christine. I'm sorry you're in pain. You are blessed to have a husband who truly loves you. I'm equally blessed. Thank you for sending link to your journal. I'll be back.
God bless you,