Thursday, August 16, 2007

A little frustrated

Well I am able to sit down for five minutes to type in my journal. Lately all i have been doing is running around.

It looks as if we may get our house loan in October. It is really hard to wait until then. I am not very good at waiting for anything. I am the type of person who just likes to get things done.

I found a house that I like but it will be gone most likely by october. But maybe it won't. I just have to be patient.
Tonight my daughter has a friend over to spend the night again. Tomorrow morning I have to get up ealry and take the kids to Bible school. Then I have an appointment at the doctor's office because I have an ear infection. Then after that i have to pick the kids up and take them to a picnic. I have a 1:00 appointent to see a house. After that I will join the kids at thier picnic. At 3:00 I have to drop my oldest son off at his football practice and then I have to pick him back up again at 5:00.
My daughter is spending the night at her friend's house tomorrow night so I think I may get some peace then. lol. I have been doing nothing but running around this week. In a couple of weeks they go back to school and then all I will have all day is the little one. I am looking forward to the much needed peace and quiet.
I am a little frustrated with the welfare system a liitle bit. I am on food stamps and medical (which I am not proud of) I would really like to get off of it as soon as possible. I lloked into getting a job. But if I work I will lose my children's medical. I dont mind losing my medical and the food stamps but medical for the kids scares me.
The job who wants to hire me does not have any benefits offered. And if i go to a private insurance carrier, I will be spending my whole pay check on insurance for three kids. I feel trapped in this. I want to get off assistance but there isnt any job around here who offers insurance. It really stinks.
I guess I have to stop coming up with excuses and just work. I am just afraid of losing medical for the kids and them getting really sick.
Someone that I know gave me some clothes that she had given to her. They were winter clothes. That was a blessing because I needed winter clothes badly. She was such a nice lady. She also gave me some other things that I could use.
Well I am taking up too much time on here. I have to get some things done around here. I am going to try to get the kids to bed early tonight because of Bible school in the morning. plus the peace tonight would be nice. But you know little girls. They will be up all night giggling.


manda2177 said...

Well... I am just thrilled that it looks like you are going to be getting into your own home.  Praise the Lord!  
If you would like to email me I would love to try and help out any way that I can... like with clothes or bedding or anything that I have extra.  I just had a garage sale and some stuff didn't go so i was going to bring it to the thrift shop... but if I can send it to you, I would certainly like to?!?!  Just email me your address and sizes and all the details if that interests you.
I will be praying for you and your precious family.  God bless you for all your sacrifices and devotion.  Keep your head up, and keep thinking positive!  The Lord WILL provide...
God Bless-

dymphna103 said...

Came here through Amanda's journal.  Have you checked to see how much you can make before you lose benefits for the kids.  Here parents are allowed to work and make so much before the benefits are lost.  We have several church members whose kids are still on a medical plan through the state.  Will be praying for you,   john

bojgill4375 said...

Glad that you had time to make an entry. So glad that you may get the house loan in October. Your brother-in-law.. how is he doing? Fine I hope. At one time of my life I was on welfare. Went to see if they could contact my husband's commanding officer in the Air Force. I left there crying and telling them I did not ask for their money. They could not do anything because my husband was over seas. They called Red Cross and told them to tell me I could have an emergency grant. Sometimes we need help. Welfare is for those who need it. Yes... little girls will be up giggling! lol Will keep you in my prayers and your family, blessings, Janie P.S. That is great the kids going to Vacation Bible School.