Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a long day

I had a long but somewhat enjoyable day. I had to run my daughter to Bible school and then come home and get some housework done. Then go back and pick my daughter and her friend up. I then went to look at another house for sale. I picked up my brother in law from the hospital. He is doing well now. I then took my son to football practice and took the girls and my youngest son to the park to play while he was at practice.
I bought the kids pizza and we ate it at the park. I came home and made sure they took a bath. Tomorrow they have to get up for Bible school again. Friday night they are doing a play. I am so excited to see it. It is about Queen Ester.


bojgill4375 said...

Oh so glad that your brother-in-law is better! I bet the kids had a good time at the park. I like parks and even have to swing with the kids a little! lol I bet the kids are really excited about the church play. I love to see little kids in church plays. They are all so cute! Hope you have a wonderful time and so glad that you are taking the children to church. You and yours are in my prayers, Janie

manda2177 said...

A long, but wonderful day!!!!  I got the impression that you really put your kids needs first today, and did everything you could to meet their wants and needs and bring them joy.  What a wonderful gift you gave them!  Not only are they sharing the the Word at Bible school, but you are LIVING the Word at home.  That is an excellent example for them! Great job Christine!!!!!

I am really proud of you and your choices.  Keep up that positive attitude and keep on trusting in the Lord.  And keep smiling!!!!!!

God Bless you dear soul-