Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Well I havent posted in awhile. I havent gottne more than 3-4 hours a sleep a night. The doctor gave me xanax but it doesnt work. Earlier today I had a good attitude. I went to look at a couple of houses. I have a loan officer tell me to get a couple of credit cards and he should be able to get me a loan in two months. I am hoping it is true.
I have been burnt with this stuff before so it is hard to trust anyone.
i have to be out of this house before winter because of the heating situation so I am so stressed.
i have had so much bad luck the last couple of days. I am a Christian but i am starting to lose faith in God. That is something i have to work on. Deep inside i know it isnt God's fault I am going through all this but sometimes i feel like he has abandoned me.
I know that is selfish of me to say sp I should try to have a better attitude.
It's been a long time since i have felt this run down. I am usually a strong person. I dont know what has happened to me. I have had some really hard times before.
i have been through way worse things but I dont think i have ever felt this run down before

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bojgill4375 said...

Do you ever feel tired enough through the day to take a nap? I do but don't have the time. lol Keeping you in my prayers and hope the credit card works. Blessings, Janie