Monday, August 13, 2007

hectic day

All I did all day is run and run. I took my daughter to Bible school this morning. When I got back, I found out my brother in law was addmitted to the hospital for chest pains. I drove down there to see if he was ok. He was ok. He doesnt have heart problems. They think is is all stress or digestive problems. Thank goodness!! I visited him for awhile and then I had to go home and take out the dogs. My friend dropped off my daughter from Bible School.
Then I had an hour breather before I had to packl up the kids and take my oldest son to football practice,. Then I went to see my brother in law again and drop off some things he asked me to pick up from his house. Then I waited until my son got off of football practice.
We came home and I had to clean up the house because the phone man is coming tomorrow to fix our phone. Then I took the dogs out for a walk. I get to take a shower and then I have to pick my husband up from work. He usually rides to work with my brother in law but of course now I have to take him and pick him up because I need the car in the eveving.
Tomorrow it starts all over again.


manda2177 said...

You sound so much better... so much more positive even in the midst of chaos.  Thats wonderful.  I am sorry you were so busy, but there sure is a lot there to be thankful for.  Like...your family!

Keep your chin up sweety!
You've got lots of prayers out there for you!

bojgill4375 said...

Oh Wow! I sure dislike days like that! My daughter had a day like this with everything broke and getting the kids ready for school. Sure hope that your brother-in-law gets out of the hospital soon... in my prayers. I have the dog thing too letting them out. lol Can't stay gone too long because of that. Will keep you in my prayers sounds like you need them with things being hectic right now. Pray you get a good nights sleep tonight. Blessings & prayers, Janie