Friday, May 23, 2008

went to couciling yesterday

Hello everyone in J-land. I went to my counciling appointment yesterday. It went very well I think. I loved the councilor who was assigned to me. She is really nice and she seems understanding. I know that it is her job to try to be understanding but it is important for me to be comfortable with someone I will be talking to. She is going to have me write a journal of my feelings. I said that would be easy because I do that already. lol She is also going to try to help me to find a support system outside of online friends. I told her that I talk to peope on here better than in person and she said that was ok. She wants to work on my self esteem and to help me deal with all the loss that I have experienced in the last few months. I have to see her once a week. I also have to see a phychiatrist. I am not too thrilled with being put on meds. I would really like to do this without meds.( At least try to anyways)

When I got home I found out that my roommates (I call them that even thought they live in a whole other trailor) mother and father passed away yesterday in a car accident. I almost cried. That is so horrible. I made them supper so they wouldnt have to worry about it. As much trouble as they have caused me, I still felt the need to help them. I hate to see people hurting. I know what it is like myself. His wife wasnt very ncie about the whole thing. She said that her husband's mother was a witch anyways. What a way to be there for your husband when he is hurting!!! Unbelievable!! She needs to grow up. Some people can be so cold. I didnt know his mother or sister but i felt as if I wanted to cry.

Well I guess I will close this journal entry for now. My roomates phone was turned off from them not paying and they are constantly using mine every minute of the day. I have got to learn to just say "no". I just cant. I dont mind emergences but she calls all her friends and everything.

My dogs are bugging me to go for a walk. They are like children. They are sitting next to me now nudging my hand when I am trying to type. They are sitting beside me whining and barking. Gees No patience!! lol J/K I love them and dont mind the walks. It is good for me anyways. I hope everyone has a safe weekend!!! You are all in my prayers.


bojgill4375 said...

Glad that you like your doctor. A lot of people have to be on meds. Both my aunts and uncle are depression meds.  Some people can be really cold hearted, sad. Too cute about your dogs. Hope you have a great walk. Blessings, Janie

fisherkristina said...

It is okay to be on meds if you need them, honey.  And that is great that you have a good psychiatrist and therapist.  If you can really trust your psychiatrist, than you should most likely do what she/he says to do about the meds.  From one who knows,

Krissy :)

fisherkristina said...

Oh, one more comment, you said your mom is a leukemia survivor of 20 years.  That is amazing.  How did she do it?  Back 20 years ago most with leukemia didn't survive.  Not w/o the bone marrow transplants of today.  How did she do it?  With chemo?  Praise God she is in remission!!!

Krissy :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Christine; I'm glad you found a counselor that you can talk to and feel comfortable with that is very important; being on meds might help at least temporarily and then when you are feeling better, you can always taper off of them

that is sad about your roommates family members passing; you were kind to make them dinner


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pamal3 said...

hey Christine. I am pleased that the counsellor Is nice. Sorry to hear about your neighbours parents. very sad. The wife sounds completely heartless and horrid. I hope you get that sorted out. New friends will make a world of difference. Love Pam xx

csandhollow said...

It is ok to be on meds. They are just a tool.
Sorry about the deaths.