Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I dont know what happened to my last entry. I know it was there because I have comments on it. BUt it isnt here. That's Aol for you.


naperdillygirl said...

Wonder if they are gonna blame it on GW Bush?  Good ol' AOL.....it's a mystery entry that they have kept and saving for their time capsule!  Congrats to your son!!  Sue

luvrte66 said...

Christine, I know AOL was really wonky yesterday. It was really slow, and a couple of times, when I was trying to leave a comment, it said "AOL journals is unavailable," but then the comment was there! So I don't know, but it WAS exhibiting some strange behavior yesterday!

Hugs, Beth

shrbrisc said...

ahhh aol hell it does attack us all eventually