Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lily Dale

I read a book that I ended up being quite emotional about. It is called Lily Dale : The true story of the town that talks to the dead

Lily Dale is 60 miles south of Buffalo New York near inner state 90. It is a peaceful Victorian town. From the pictures I saw it is run down but still very beautiful .I call them little Ginger bread houses. The people there are very different but seem so accepting. It seems to be the place to go to eliminate the grief from trying to fit in. People seem to accept you for who you are. It is a very old town founded in 1879.

There are healers, spiritualists and physics who live there. I believe in such things sometimes. I know there are Charlatans out there who will do or say anything for money even if it means hurting someone. Whether these people are real or fake, they bring hope to others who are suffering. I don't know if I am a believer of psychics or healers etc. But I do believe in the power of the mind. This is why good attitude is important. I believe your mind is so powerful that it can heal. In some cases if you believe it to be true, then it becomes true.

I don't consider myself a true spiritualists but I do believe in the after life. I do believe in spirits. I have seen it for myself. I have been reading into it and I believe in some of it. I don't believe in tarot cards or runes or anything like that. But I do believe in herbal medicine and the power of the mind.

I have been reading alot about religions and things lately to keep my mind busy. It has been quite informative. My favorite is this book. It was well written and kept my attention.

Mae West visited the town in her day quite often. She went to see a medium there. Houdini went there often, they say. But he was a critic who went there to debunk them. Sir Arthur Conin Doyle visited there often. John Edwards did a speech there.

I am planning to visit there this summer.The town is within an hour or so from me.I love old historic towns. I have to admit that I am a bit curious to see what they do there. The town seems so peaceful and serine. I need some Peace in my life right now.

The book was really good. It was written in a skeptics tone. I enjoyed the stories and description of the town lost in time. It was very interesting. I thought I would share it with everyone. I hop everyone is having a safe and happy weekend.

Blessings to all


lsfp1960 said...

Hi Christine, Just to let you know that I'm turning off all my alerts today as we are leaving on vacation tomorrow & I won't be back until the end of October.  But you can always email me & let me know how things are going. I'll be able to check my email from time to time.  Take care & keep up the good work on your GED process.  Linda in Washington

luvrte66 said...

Although I take "spiritualists" and "psychics" with a very big grain of salt, I love historic towns, and it sounds like an interesting jaunt to an interesting place! Let us know your experience of the town when you get to visit!


fieldpixie272 said...

a great book on positivity is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, though many people know the movie before the book.  its available at the library.  I believe that what a person holds in their mind is what God is able to view and what we receive.  If you hold an optimistic view most of the time, I feel this is prayer and this is what God hears and sees.  if you hold a negative view well, God just gives you what you think about negative or positive!!!

bojgill4375 said...

I believe that our minds can do things that we are not capable of understanding but.... I do not believe in fortune tellers. I will ask you this question.... if they are so smart how come they are not rich or live in a mansion. Things of that nature should be left alone as far as I am concerned. If the Lord wanted me to know my future he will let me know. I have had 4 visions while awake; but feel they were warnings from the Lord.  He gave them to ME not someone else. Hope you have a good week. Stay close to the Lord Christine and he will help carry you through the things that you are going through. Hugs, Janie

pprrrr39 said...


This sounds like an amazing book and i am going to try to get it from my library.
I believe that there are people out there who can communicate with the after life.
hugs Jayne