Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy halloween

Nothing new has been going on. It has been the same old same old. I had two teeth pulled out yesterday. I am still a bit sore so I have been just laying around a bit. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. Here is something funny that someone sent me:

Pumkins gone wild



Rose said...

Hope your hurts are mended soon. Just soup and liquids for now.

Feel better.

Hugs, Rose

Beth said...

Cute Halloween pictures! Hope you're hanging in there, Christine!

Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

ooh sorry to hear of teeth pulling!! hopefully you will feel better soon. Your pumpkin funnies are cute!!

Janie said...

Hmmm I do not like to go to the dentist and I KNOW I would not want to get 2 teeth pulled. Sure hope you are doing better by tonight. Those photos are too cute! TY for sharing. Hugs, Janie

salemslot9 said...

hope you stop by my journal and see our Alice Cooper pumpkin