Thursday, October 16, 2008

when it rains it pours.

I still dont have any hot water. The hot water heater i got is not compatible with the trailor. The one we need is 239.00. I dont have that kind of money right now. I dont know when i will have that kind of money. I have a child case worker coming on monday because the doctor thinks me youngest son needs early intervention. The thought of the case worker coming to my house when I dont have hot water is very scarey. I feel like i have let my children down. I cried pretty much all day today off and on. I cant even give my kid's baths right now. I have to just wipe them off with a cold rag. I dont have a working stove right now either to even heat up hot water. This is just a nightmare. I am so tired. I feel like giving up. So much for my good attitude the last couple of weeks. I think my children would be better without me. : (


Anonymous said...

No Christine, your kids need you!!! No one will be better off without you!!! You love your kids and they need that more than anything in the world, please believe me! I grew up a loveless kid, I had a roof over my head and clothes and always had hot water but guess what, I was not wanted, loved or anything!! That is no way to live. My mother gave me up, that told me one thing: I was not wanted, not worth weathering the storm! Dont do that to your kids, dont do it. It will change them more than you not having hot water for a while. Weathering hardship builds character, abandoning your kids will only lead them to believe they are not worthwhile as people, believe me I know.
Explain to the case worker that you are in the process of getting a hot water tank if it comes up. Everyone at some point in their life needs a new hot water tank! This is not a crime! Now did you buy the wrong hot water heater? Take it back and get your money back.

Monica said...

((((((Christine))))) If money wasn't so tight in our household I'd help you pay for a waterheater! Currently I'm without a heater in my home as it's to expensive to repair at this time.

As for the children, let me assure you of something ... They NEED and WANT to be with you and loved by you. I've lived in some hard situations with my parents but, I always KNEW without doubt that I was loved and wanted. I grew up learning that material things aren't the important stuff in life, it's the love of family and friends. My situation was the polar opposite of Nancy. My parents didn't always struggle, most of the times we had the roof and all the good stuff.

Keep your head up Christine. IF the issue comes up about the water heater, let them know you are working on it and if they know of help you want/need it! There are programs to help, sometimes we need someone to guide us to them.


Beth said...

Please hang in there, Christine. Your kids need you. Perhaps the case worker can give you names of organizations that can help.

Celeste said...

Hot water and a working stove ARE NOT considered a necessity! You do not have to mention to them about those items if you are afraid. Take the other one back if you bought it. Are you sure the heater can not be made to fit? Sometimes all it takes is an adapter.

Sweetnessk71 said...

I'm so so sorry to hear that you are still having problems with getting hot water. How horrible for it to happen now of all times. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. take care


Barb said...

You can't give up, Christine. Not ever! Your kids need you. I know it is hard, honey, but hang in there. Just be honest with your case worker. Not all of them are cold-hearted. Know I am always praying for you. Right me any time. I'll get back to you. My old email address was
Don't email me there. Email me

Janie said...

So sorry Christine that I have not commented that much on journals since being sick. Sure wish I could help you Christine. Will be keeping you in my prayers, sorry that is all that I can do, but yet the best thing that I can do for someone. Do you have a microwave? Warm some water in the microwave if you have one. My mom gave me a bath like that for years. We did not have a tub or running water. We had a well. We used a wash pan and a metal tub by the wood stove in the winter. Your kids need you, you are just feeling down. Hugs and prayers, Janie