Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of school

Boy am I tired!! Today is the first day back for the kids at school. It was an early morning at 6:15. I wanted to turn the alarm back and stay in bed. I took my dogs out and then got the kids ready for school. I looked like a zombie. My 10 year old daughter Emily popped right out of bed so excited about school. This wont last long!! lol Although i hope so. Maybe she will get a good teacher and stay excited about school all year. Hopefully. My 15 year old son Carl is alwasy excited about school. I hope this helps his mood some.

While i was up, I took the time to read some of the journals and comment on some. Please dont think I am ignoring anyone's journal. I just have been so busy and depressed. When I get depressed I just cant keep my mind straight enough to type anything. I was reading alot for awhile and then I just couldnt conscentrate so I have been taking a break from books the last couple of days. I was reading a book a day. my mind was like a sponge. Now it feels as soggy as one lol

I am trying so hard to keep a good attitude but sometimes i just cry. When things go real bad i miss my sister so much. She was everything to me. October will be a hard month for me. She passed away before my eyes on October 25th. I am not looking forward to that day. But I will get through it. Maybe I will do something special in her name. Like go to the park where we used to go alot together and talk. I dont know. This has really hit me hard. I thought I would have felt better by now. I am sure everyone is sick of hearing me talk about it all the time. But she is in my thoughts everyday. I miss her so much.

On a brighter note..Someone is supposed to come and see one of the dogs today to adopt him. They seem like such nice people. They just lost thier dog last month. They raised him from a puppy and he died at the old age of 14 years. They dont want a puppy because they think they are too old to puppy train again. So they are interested in my Titas. He is a great dog and i want him to have a loving home. I thought it would be harder to see them go. It is hard but i know that i cant take care of them like I should. I want them to have better homes. They are like family to me.

The lady who I was supposed to talk to about the job wont be in today. I have to see her tomorrow. This is a bummer because i was up all night nervous last night. I relaly need this job. I keep getting turned down on jobs because they keep hiring teenagers. UGH!! This is a day job so i have a shot at it. I hope so anyways. I am running out of options. It will feel so good to make my own money.

Well I am going to lay down for a bit before i get up and clean. What an exciting day!! lol I hope everyone in J-land has a wonderful monday. God Bless...



salemslot9 said...

good luck!
hopefully, those teenagers
have gone back to school

luvrte66 said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Christine!

Hugs, Beth

fieldpixie272 said...

well you dont have to worry about commenting my journal, cause I dont have one, ha ha  I keep one at myspace and just ocme here for a few friends.  

I hope you get that job, you may still get it!!  I dont know if my job will be availabel this year.  They want a full time person and I can only work part time so I guess I have to wait and see if they decided to keep me or hire a full timer. (I work for the school district.....have you thought of a school district job?  As a teachers aide or helper?  The hours are good anyway, but our district pays only once a month, this is NOT helpful. I'm not complaining though, just saying.

school for my kids starts next month, they are sort of excited, but I am not.  I want summer to last forever!!

bojgill4375 said...

Maybe with the kids in school you can get a little more rest while they are gone. I too get so tired and then I can not even think straight!! lol Yes, my dogs are like family too. I think it would be much easier letting them go to someone who had a dog for 14 years. I hope they like him. Sounds like the day of a mother to me. lol We sometimes don't get too many rewards... but when they get older you will. You can spoil their children and then send them home. lol In my prayers. Hugs, Janie

helmswondermom said...

I hope the kids had a good first day today, and I hope they have a great school year.  Don't rush your period of grieving.  It's different for each of us, and if you need to think about and write about your sister, don't think we would get tired of it or not understand.  I hope that the people who are thinking about adopting Titan do so.  It sounds like they would give him a wonderful home.  You take care, and I hope you get some rest.  

lsfp1960 said...

My kids always were excitied for school to start.  Sometimes the summer is just too long and unless the kids are old enough for a job they get bored.  Hope the job works out for you.   Linda in Washington state

pprrrr39 said...

LOL @ the brain being like a sponge soaking up.......... but i guess its true.

I hope that the lady came for the dog, seems like the ideal people as they have had them before.
Hope the kids enjoyed the first day back at school.
Good Luck with the job hunting
hugs Jayne