Saturday, August 23, 2008

found my cat a home


Here is my trailors. I thought I would share what it looks like where I live. It is falling apart but it does have potential. You should have seen it when we first moved in.


This is the back of it. We are surrounded by 5 and 1/2 acres of woods as well. Very peaceful and beautiful. I didnt show anyone before because it is embarrassing on how I live. Buut I keep it clean even if it isnt the fanciest place. I still feel at home here.

Some very nice lady came today and adopted in on of our cats. Now I only have one more to find a home for. She was so sweet and she really loved him. She said that I could come and see him anytime. He is better off because he can get the care he needs that i cant afford right now. I had two homes for the dogs but they never showed up to see them. The one lady I drove halfway to meet her and she never called or showed up. I thought that was very rude. I am hoping that I find home for them soon. This has been very hard for me. I kow they would be better off in a home who can afford better care for them.

My son came home right after i posted in my journal last time. Our relatiosnhip is so so . It is a little better than it was before but we still have our down times. I am really trying hard to make everyone happy. I really hope that him and I can work things out.

I feel alot better today with the medicine. I think my body is adjusting to it better. I am nto as out of it or tired. I atill feel a bit grougy but not like yesterday when I was falling asleep in the passenger seat of the car.

I think I may have a job. She is going to call me up on monday to see if i can work the hours that she has available. I can work any hours. I am so excited. I really hope I get this job. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and advice.


lsfp1960 said...

Your home looks lovely. I bet you see a lot of deer and other critters living near a wooded area like that. It doesn't matter what our homes look like, what matters is the family and how much they love each other that live there.  Remember "Home is where the heart is,"  

Linda in Washington state

luvrte66 said...

Christine, I love all the trees surrounding your home! And the important thing is that it IS home, and that you take pride in it. I'm always amazed at how many people have big beautiful homes but end up trashing them because they don't care enough to care for them.

I'm sure it's hard to have to find homes for your animals, but do what you need to do. I'd take that lady up on her offer for you to visit your cat!

I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better today. You're in my thoughts!

Hugs, Beth

itsjustme45j said...

I'm happy to see your mood is happy today. I'm glad you shared your house with us. It certainly is a creative way of using different types of houses to build a home! And that's the important thing, it's your HOME!

I hope tomorrow is another happy day for you.

itsjustme45j said...

one other thing... I love your drying clothes on the line. I would love to be able to pin my clothes, sheets and towels up again. I love the whole ritual of lining up socks underwear and t shirts, jeans lined up, the towels clipped together on the corners to minimize use of clothespins. I loved the folding as I take each item off and the crispy dried feeling. OH... and the race to take off when the rain comes!

domsmom27 said...

Christine, you are young yet.  We all went thru rough times.  I hope and pray that times will be better for you someday.                            Marlene

salemslot9 said...

I would love to
live on 5 1/2 acres!

bojgill4375 said...

Thank you for sharing. That looks really peaceful with all those trees; very beautiful. We had to plant every tree on our place. Now some of them are dying. I am glad you found a home for your cat. Did you call the lady back and see if something came up and she couldn't make it? I am glad that you might get a job. That will do you good seeing other people. Teenagers are something else. lol They think no one is as smart as they are. lol Did you go through that stage, I did. lol In my prayers, Janie

fieldpixie272 said...

I like the look of your home, very quiet and peaceful.  I love living around the woods and I wish I had more of that myself.  
Yes that was horrible and rude of people not to show up, but thankfully you saw who they really were before handing over your precious pets.  Good luck to you finding them the best homes.  I know that is terribly hard.  I tried to give away a pet bird once and then just couldnt do it, it just broke my heart to give her away.  So I know its a terrible heartwrenching thing to give away a pet, even when you know its for the right reasons.

Glad to hear your medication is working better for ya.

rdautumnsage said...

Your home looks welcoming hon. It never mattered to me what exactly it looked like. You called it home and that was more than enough for me, to know you had somewhere you enjoyed living and it meant something to you. I would give anything to live somewhere surrounded by woods. In a few years we plan on selling our home and moving further out to the country. I hope things work out between you and your son. I'm keeping you in my prayers on the smoke the job comes through for you. Your in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

helmswondermom said...

I love the trees all around your home.  You know, I see a home with a well-kept yard against a beautiful backdrop.  And clean is the most important thing.  I hope the new meds continue to work well for you.

helmswondermom said...

P.S.  I am so glad your son came on home.  It sounds like it is a difficult time for you and for him right now.  

pprrrr39 said...

A home is what you make of it. Its an exterior shell..... its the love that goes into what is inside that matters. Everyones home is different........ it can be big or small, but we all leave our own marks on our homes. It is a place where we have had good and bad times......... but its still home.
I love the fact that you have all that space around you....... wow....... tranquility.

Glad to hear that you found a home for your cat. I have to agree with you that is very rude of that lady to not get back in touch with you.
Take care
hugs Jayne