Wednesday, August 27, 2008

very tired

I just got up about an hour ago. I feel so lazy but being on this medicine makes me so very tired. I dont think that I got the job. : ( That really depressed me alot. I will keep looking. Somewhere there is a job for me. I was relaly looking forard to working again though. This is the secind job that I thought I had but really didnt.

We are in the process of moving into the other trailor that my sister lived in. It has a woodstove and our heater broke over here. It is much smaller but it will have to do until we can fix things over here. Even though it is just moving across an addition, I am stil tired from doing it yesterday. My hip keeps giving in on me. What else could go wrong? I am afraid to even ask that question.

We still havent found a home for the dogs. People just keep calling and not showing up. It is insane. He is a great dog so I dont understand. We are giving it until next week and then we are taking them to the pound. : ( We dont want to do it but we really cant keep up with the food. Plus we are moving into  that tiney trailor . We will be lucky to be able to keep even one dog. It is really tiny. I will post pics later when we are all done moving in. It is a very cute trailor though. Well I am going to go and attempt (attempt is the word) to get thinsg accomplished. Is anyone esle tired like me right now? Maybe it is the changing of the seasons. It cant make up its mind whether it is going to warm or cold up here in the mountains.

Just trying to hang on to summer ...God Bless.... you are all in my prayers!!


lsfp1960 said...

We all get tired but it sounds to me like it's your medication.  Perhaps your doctor or the pharmacist can give you some hints about taking it a little differently (like at a different time of the day) to help you be able to function during the day. Hope your move to the other mobile home goes smoothly.  Linda in Washington state  

barbpinion said...

Hope you feel better today. Being tired is the pits, especially when you have moving to do. Hope it goes well and that you soon have a job. Will pray for that. Big hugs,

luvrte66 said...

Good luck with the move, Christine, and I hope you get more energy soon. Keep trying with the job search--like you said, somewhere there is a job for you!

Hugs, Beth

domsmom27 said...

Hi Christine,  I hate to think of dogs going to the pound.
But I also worry about people coming to adopt dogs.  Sometimes they sell them for medical experiments and sometimes they use them for pitbull bait.  It is a rotten world.                                    Marlene

bojgill4375 said...

Just trust that the Lord will find the right job for you. Have you ever thought about working in a Goodwill or a DAV store? Do you have one of them where you live? Does your store or Wal Mart have a bullentin board? Maybe if you took a pix of him and put it up someone would want him. Write how friendly he is. I feel exhausted. Lady at church says she is too. The one that goes to the assistant living with us. All of you are in my prayers Christine. Hugs, Janie

helmswondermom said...

I hope someone will show up for the dogs and give them a good home, but if not, hopefully they will find good homes through the pound.  Hang in there -- it will get better.  And I hope the job hunting goes well.  Don't get too discouraged.  This changing of the seasons is making me feel tired and sleepy all the time too.  At least that is what I'm assuming it is.

dbdacoba said...

I'm also tired all the time, zero energy.  If I go out to do something I'm wiped out when I get back.  I don't understand it.            DB

pprrrr39 said...

I know what you mean about the energy......... the weather here is very depressing that seems to affect me a lot. The mountains sound beautiful....... all that fresh air.

I am so very sorry that the people keep messing you about regarding the dogs, that must be so frustrating  and unfair on you.  Sorry to hear about the job but do not let that get you down, sometimes i believe things happen for a reason.
Good Luck
hugs Jayne