Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hanging in there

Hello All..I am trying to hang in there. I have been very busy doing things outside. I had a day where I slept all day. I havent really had the time to write in my journal. My cat drug in a fledgling from outside. I felt so sorry for him. He was bleeding a little and was missing some feathers. He was still alive when he brought him in. That was the sad part of it all. I tried very hard to take care of him. I fed him mealy worms. He ate really good but he passed away despite my efforts. I actually cried when he died. I felt so sad for the baby bird. I know it was only a bird but to me all life matters even the small ones.

An aquaintence of ours was give an eviction notice for thier trailor. They have 30 days to move out. They had a dog they needed to get out of there right away. They asked me to take him in for them. I ended up going to pick him up. I had only talked to her online so I didnt really know her very well. She gave me directions and I went to pick the dog up. When I got there, I could not beleive the condition this poor dog was in. He is so skinny that you can feel his ribs and back bond and hips. He is missing hair from his tail and and he has sores all over him. I felt so bad for him. Believe me it was a blessing that they had to get adopt him out. I was going to find him another home but right now he is in too bad of condition to be adopted out to anyone. He in a wonderful dog. He gets along with my dogs and the kids very well. He follows me around everywhere. I put some medicine I had left over from the last dog I took in that had skin problems over a year ago. I hope it works. I know that I really should not have taken him in because of my financial difficulties but once again I just couldnt say no. I am actually glad that i didnt become friends with the lady in person instead of just online. I dont want to be friends with someone who would let a dog get like this. He is such a great companion dog. I wish people would understand if they take a dog in, they should take responsibilty for his care. I have seen this so many times. It is so very sad.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have been outside most of the time. Some days I dont even feel like getting out of bed but I make myself. I have been hanging in there the best I can. I am going to call for a job tomorrow. I really hope I get it. It is a waitressing job at this small resturant. It isnt much but it is something. I am really nervous because with my social anxiety this is going to be a challenge for me.

I was even looking at a college catalog for a nearby college. I am 38 years old and I realize I dont even know what I want to do for a living when I grow up. It is really sad. I know I need to get my GED first and then I am going to go finally. I think I am going to go for the nursing career. I really like helping people.

I am trying to type while my cat whiskers is sitting on me. He picks now to want attention. When I am not doing anything, he doesnt want to sit with me. When I read he is the worst. He rubs up against my book and makes it impossible to even read. He is a doll though. We love him. We have five cats that kind of wondered here. Whiskers, smokey, Tigger, Rascals, and our little Mouser. I have three dogs as well. I have Billy, Bear and now I have Chewy. Billy is 13 years old but still thnk he is a puppy. He is always bugging to go for walks. He is crazy. He loves water and loves to swim. We love to take him to the park to swim in the river. It is good for his joints.

Right now my dream is to fence in my 4 acres of unused property and may raise a couple of cattle for food and extra money. I would love to have the property make some money. It is just a dream but maybe someday. I will stop rambling now and close my entry for today. Stay safe everyone!!


shrbrisc said...

I think that is wonderful go get your ged and go to college it will be great for you

dbdacoba said...

Christine, bless you for taking in that dog.  Dominion over the animals means protecting them and allowing them to have the life they deserve.  You also sound like your on the right road for your life.  Good for you.  Keep going and you'll get there.  Good luck with the job interview.  Smile. Take my love with you.   DB

lv2trnscrb said...

oh do pursue that option to go to college and get your GED! I think you would make a wonderful nurse!


pamal3 said...

Wahey Christine. that is more like you. I think all of your Idea's sound great. the college for nursing and the fence round the land and well done for taking In the dog. I am very proud of you and will keep my fingers crossed that you get this job. We have something In common....I am also 38 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! lol. Love Pam xx

ceilisundancer said...

You can do these!  The GED is possible -- perhaps you could even take a course over the summer for it?  And, then, the longer term goals, too.  Heck, maybe you can do this and have a job of some sort!

WOW, so sad about the dog.  I starve and charge food on my credit cards before I'd let my innocent pets starve (and of course, my daughter eats, too).   Just incredibly sad -- do you think Chewy has an illness preventing it from absorbing his food well, or just underfed that badly?  I'm glad you're going to care for him for a while, and maybe longer.  Perhaps you can post on The Giving Tree for someone to help with medicines and such in your area, or the cost of them, for Chewy, to help him back to health?

Heck, I save worms on the sidewalk, and shoo bugs outside instead of killing them, so you know I think every life counts ha.

salemslot9 said...

four acres sounds great!

ceilisundancer said...

Just to add publically what I heard from a friend who helps to rescue and place weim's (dogs), should someone else come across this entry and could use the info:  probably demodectic mange.. occurs often in starved dogs. lowered immune system allows mites to get out of control; owner needs to find out what kind, then contact the local rescue for that breed. Most rescues have a pretty good accumulation of people who know a lot; plus, as a rescue, they'll have some expertise with dogs that are in bad shape like that; the good thing is that the mange thing usually goes away once the dog is getting proper nutrition, and can be treated beforehand as well;
and I'm adding -- maybe you can take photos, before and after, etc., just in case that visual information is ever needed.  -- Robin

peytonswater said...

I would do a search for animal rescues and humane shelter (they have a no kill), I'm saying that maybe you could call and explain the situation and they could have a vet of theres take a look at him for free and maybe even meds since your not asking them to take it in, just help you out.
Avveno Baths help for dogs with skin irritations to. DO NOT use shampoo, just use the AVenno, OR you can GRIND up your own oatmeal in a blender and add to the bath and let him/her soak. It will be comforting

mariebm56 said...

You sound like you have some really great plans!!!
Think positive...Ü

bojgill4375 said...

Just a quick hello. Might be the mange Christine. Like others said.. see if you can get some help. Your dogs might catch it. All of you and animals are in my prayers. Hugs, Janie

csandhollow said...

School would be good. It is hard. I was in my 30s with a kid at home but I finally did it.

pprrrr39 said...

Wow....... you really are amazing......... you are struggling yourself, but you went and rescued that poor dog. God Bless you, you deserve it.

I loved the part where you said you didnt know what you wanted to do.... when you grew up....awwww that made me laugh. I hope that you find something that yoy will enjoy, thats the main thing.
I hope that you achieve your dream
hugs Jayne